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We chose the following companies because of their sustainable practices and healthy products. Rest assured you are getting quality.


Wellevate is our store that carries a wide variety of supplements, makeup, hair care, coconut flour, coconut oil, pet care, protein powders and bars, etc.

Patients receive a 5% discount when using online ordering, you will also receive free shipping over $49 and you also have the ability to auto-ship your monthly supplements.

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Dynamic Fruits and Greens & MyOrigin Healthcare Pro

NutriDyn Fruits & Greens Daily Drink With The Antioxidant Power Of 20+ Servings Of Fruits & Vegetables!◆ Available In 9 Delicious Flavors!


With MyOrigin from NutriDyn, we analyze your unique DNA testing results and give you a personalized, scientific, and easy to understand Health Action Plan™ that will help make the right choices for your lifestyle.

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Microbiome Labs


Recondition, Reinforce and Rebuild your Microbiome. 

First order is free shipping, 1 bottle is $3.99, 2 bottles is $5.99 and 3 bottles or more is free shipping.

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Apex Energetics

Apex Energetics is drop ship only, must be placed by calling Brookview Wellness at 919-577-2225 Free Ground shipping at $250 or $12.95 2-day shipping.

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